Unleash the Magic of Storytime

Unleash the Magic of Storytime

Choose the best time

📖 The best time to read is when your little one is feeling content and well rested, such as after a feed or nap.


Create an inviting reading nook

📖 Make it cosy with blankets, pillows and soft lighting and make it fun with colourful artwork or a play tent for example.


Be animated

📖 Babies love to hear your silly noises and facial expressions, so dont be afraid to go wild, the more exaggerated the better!


Choose the right books for YOUR Bub 

📖 Like us, babies will be more engaged with a book that draws their attention. So experiment with all kinds of books such as books with flaps, texture or lots of words to find out which ones they gravitate to the most. 


Follow your baby's cues

📖 Remember that the goal doesn’t have to be to finish the book. If you notice that your little one seems particularly interested in a certain page for example, spend some time exploring it further by pointing out different elements and asking simple questions.

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