About Intuitive Apothecary

Do you love to use scented products but find that your sensitive skin quickly reacts to them? If that’s the case, we’ve got you.🙌✨

Harnessing the healing powers of essential oils, such as lavender and tea tree, we create naturally fragranced bodycare that allows you to confidently add a burst of uplifting fragrance back into your self-care routine.


Brand Origins

At a very young age I fell in love with the magic of using natural skincare, when my mother bought me a cream to treat my sensitive eczema skin. Over the years I began to experiment with an array of natural products, looking to find something that was not only safe for my sensitive skin but would also keep my dry skin at bay.
My exploration eventually led me to discover the powers of humble standalone plant oils, such as skin-balancing jojoba and healing grapeseed. 
My skin soon glowed like it had never glowed before and I had finally found the long-lasting hydration that I was looking for. However something was still missing. I craved the beautiful scents that added to the ritual of taking care of my skin, and in many ways was my favourite part. And the idea for Intuitive Apothecary was sparked. 
Tackling a different concern with each formulation, I decided to use minimal ingredients with one powerful plant oil at the forefront and infuse it with beautifully uplifting and healing essential oils.
I really hope you enjoy adding my intuitive apothecary products to your self-care ritual too.
Kelsey x